A camera crew follows investigator Jack Blair and his colleague Sam to an unknown location after Jack comes across a notebook that he believes will lead him to the satanic cult known as The Cosiderent.

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A man makes a deal for a canteen in a post apocalyptic wasteland.

Written and Directed | Daniel Hernandez

Cinematography and Editing | Rich Gilliam


Thomas Keel

Diego Navarro

Daniel Hernandez

Preston Spalding

Jacob Anshen

Jesse Navarro

1st AC | Forest Erwin

Music | Brett Meden and Trey Hanawalt

HOME | 2014

A few months ago we set out to shoot a film, we cast it, got the crew together, planned and were prepared. What followed was an excruciating shoot throughout the night into the early morning. Then after sleeping a few hours shooting the rest of that day. I’m happy to say that the hard work has paid off. Here is our short we are all extremely proud of entitled “Home”.

"A young man discovers the consequences of his actions after breaking into a home in a desperate effort to provide for his family."

Directed by Diego Navarro 
Written by Monty Renfrow
Cinematography by Rich Gilliam

Monty Renfrow
Levi Allen Brown 
Jasina Stanko

Fukushú | 2014

Vimeo, Youtube

A stolen briefcase acts as a catalyst for one man’s revenge in a post apocalyptic wasteland.

Director/Cinematographer | Rich Gilliam

Monty Renfrow
Diego Navarro
and Daniel Hernandez as Bob B.

Writer/Editor |  Rich Gilliam

Special FX | Diego Navarro

Composer | Rich Gilliam

Soundtrack available at